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How to start everyday?

That if it is Monday, that if it is Tuesday, etc …, each and every one of your days will come and also leave; And what are you going to do with it? If you know that days come and go, why not make them interesting? I’m not saying that you wake up motivated every […]

Why should we forgive?

«Forgiving is one of the most beautiful acts of liberation that we can do not only for others but for ourselves» Alyenny V. Castillo A. If you are stupid, stubborn and one of those who go around full of resentment and hatred, one day you are going to have to forgive because you want to […]

A messy couple HELP!

In my short life, I have had to live with a partner, without a partner, alone, with his family, with mine etc …, but I must admit that a very important and difficult point is the issue of disorder. OMG! How can anyone be so messy! It is worth noting that it can be messy […]

Monsters in our imagination

That is just plain easy and horrible. It will depend on the age of the person as well, but when older, I know that in most cases they are developed by dead moments, that is, moments of leisure. Those moments when you are doing absolutely nothing and you feel disturbed because you cannot find what […]