in your mind.

If the first thing that costs you is to get out of bed, what do you think if now you get up on the other side of it and not where you always used to do it, what if today instead of brushing your teeth first, you better go to the kitchen and you start with breakfast, what do you think of varying a bit. What if you put a little music on? But this time you are going to listen to something that you don’t usually listen to, for example heavy rock hahaha, it’s a matter of daring. And if you go to work by a different route, and if you have a chocolate instead of a coffee … .. they are little things that would help make your day different and this type of variability would contribute to the development of your creativity, besides that little Little by little you would notice that getting up is less boring. Spice up your days, whether it rains or the sun is beautiful, make everything make you want to jump out of that bed (you could too).

In my case, I wake up happy, I give myself a good stretch and alternate my breakfasts between one day coffee, another day chocolate, another day orange juice etc …, but never
I do nothing like it.

In the end it’s all about attitude.

And you, how do you start each day?

«Forgiving is one of the most beautiful acts of liberation that we can do not only for others but for ourselves» Alyenny V. Castillo A.

If you are stupid, stubborn and one of those who go around full of resentment and hatred, one day you are going to have to forgive because you want to be forgiven.

Have you ever wondered why you deserve someone to forgive you? And if you want to be forgiven, why don’t you forgive? Whatever it has been, an infidelity, a robbery, a betrayal, etc … sooner or later you will have to forgive because at some point that weight that you do not notice now will end up possessing you and you will wonder why some things do not finish advancing in your life , but you are still there determined, lamenting and saying who knows how much stupid things and you are not realizing the damage you are doing to yourself. (Unless you are very arrogant and masochistic).

I tell you something, what is done here, here is paid, each one will pay their quota before going to the parallel world, karma grabs us all and if you don’t want yours to hold you tight (because you are not holy), it first is learning to forgive, which in a nutshell is: letting go. Stay calm and watch the universe work its magic. Enjoy the logical and unintelligible processes of what it means: to live life.

What is the use of carrying so much resentment? You are only giving importance to that person or that which hurt you. The negative does not deserve your attention and you are giving it to them with your silly attitude of not letting go. Stay with the good, there are always going to be worse things in life, don’t be mortified, if in the end you go to sleep and everything will be over.

Be calm and forgive, forgive yourself, because just as we only die once, we also live only once.

In my short life, I have had to live with a partner, without a partner, alone, with his family, with mine etc …, but I must admit that a very important and difficult point is the issue of disorder. OMG! How can anyone be so messy! It is worth noting that it can be messy and «clean» at the same time, but messy and dirty at the same time? Noooo.
Twice I have lived with disorderly couples and the first time I managed to negotiate. The first thing I did was to stop obsessing over the issue of disorder and «lower two» at the same time I talked to the person and told him about the kinds of things that I don’t like to see messy and I made him understand why and I showed him how do better.
The second couple, there was no way! I tried to apply the same tactic as with the first, but it was impossible, the charm lasted two three days maximum and immediately fell back into its beloved disorder which not only covered the house but also his car and his daily life thus leading to the end of the relationship.
The opposite case has also happened to me, I have had couples who are obsessive with order and that also tires. It’s all about getting to a middle ground. One day it may not cause you to wash the dishes and nothing will happen because you leave them there, but it does not mean that you are going to leave them there all your life and going the other way does not mean that if one day you are mega tired you cannot rest easy because you have to wash the dishes. «Not so bald or with two wigs» as my mother says. All extremes are bad.
So, if coexistence is already difficult, keep in mind that order and disorder are part of that coexistence, maybe you can get your companion to modify those aspects, but if you met him being that way, I don’t think he will change from the everything.
So cheer up with the mess!

That is just plain easy and horrible. It will depend on the age of the person as well, but when older, I know that in most cases they are developed by dead moments, that is, moments of leisure. Those moments when you are doing absolutely nothing and you feel disturbed because you cannot find what to do, are the same moments when your mind begins to create activity and thoughts of all kinds are born, both positive and negative. Your brain gives these thoughts color, shape, etc … and sometimes it puts a face on them, thus sometimes embodying something based on an experience that is being experienced at a certain moment.

For example, a person who is afraid of the dark, who is locked in a room, without light, at night, can unconsciously create a character of great stature, with a dark face, with a long cape and with a low sound and dense, that may be one of your monsters.

Others, on the other hand, personify by groups the voices that we hear in our minds, because whether they believe it or not, those voices do exist. Doesn’t it sometimes happen to them that when they are thinking about something they feel as if they could listen to themselves? And that depending on what they are thinking, their voice could be more pleasant or unpleasant? Well, the same thing happens, for example when we are very tired, or very overwhelmed, we can imagine that in our mind there is a small group of people who are talking to us and annoying us all the time, these could be small monsters and the same happens with the creation of groups of characters that drive us, motivate us and lead us to do things well.