in your mind.

If the first thing that costs you is to get out of bed, what do you think if now you get up on the other side of it and not where you always used to do it, what if today instead of brushing your teeth first, you better go to the kitchen and you start with breakfast, what do you think of varying a bit. What if you put a little music on? But this time you are going to listen to something that you don’t usually listen to, for example heavy rock hahaha, it’s a matter of daring. And if you go to work by a different route, and if you have a chocolate instead of a coffee … .. they are little things that would help make your day different and this type of variability would contribute to the development of your creativity, besides that little Little by little you would notice that getting up is less boring. Spice up your days, whether it rains or the sun is beautiful, make everything make you want to jump out of that bed (you could too).

In my case, I wake up happy, I give myself a good stretch and alternate my breakfasts between one day coffee, another day chocolate, another day orange juice etc …, but never
I do nothing like it.

In the end it’s all about attitude.

And you, how do you start each day?

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