In my short life, I have had to live with a partner, without a partner, alone, with his family, with mine etc …, but I must admit that a very important and difficult point is the issue of disorder. OMG! How can anyone be so messy! It is worth noting that it can be messy and «clean» at the same time, but messy and dirty at the same time? Noooo.
Twice I have lived with disorderly couples and the first time I managed to negotiate. The first thing I did was to stop obsessing over the issue of disorder and «lower two» at the same time I talked to the person and told him about the kinds of things that I don’t like to see messy and I made him understand why and I showed him how do better.
The second couple, there was no way! I tried to apply the same tactic as with the first, but it was impossible, the charm lasted two three days maximum and immediately fell back into its beloved disorder which not only covered the house but also his car and his daily life thus leading to the end of the relationship.
The opposite case has also happened to me, I have had couples who are obsessive with order and that also tires. It’s all about getting to a middle ground. One day it may not cause you to wash the dishes and nothing will happen because you leave them there, but it does not mean that you are going to leave them there all your life and going the other way does not mean that if one day you are mega tired you cannot rest easy because you have to wash the dishes. «Not so bald or with two wigs» as my mother says. All extremes are bad.
So, if coexistence is already difficult, keep in mind that order and disorder are part of that coexistence, maybe you can get your companion to modify those aspects, but if you met him being that way, I don’t think he will change from the everything.
So cheer up with the mess!

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